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Oh Hi.

So. First Post.

I opened this account on LJ last century (kk, 2007).
I'm a lurker who has decided to come out of the shadows... Okay I've always loved fandom started with Harry Potter and then... moved to other things.. and then I was in the army for a bit and didn't really have time for reading fic.. and then I got into Criminal Minds... then Sherlock... then Harry Potter again... now I'm obsessed with Merlin ( a bit late... I'm on season 2 now, but I've got school.. eh.)

I've always watched fandom-people doing amazing, glorious, clever fandom-things but now I too shall join the fun! Or procrastinate with all the lovely enablers on the internet until my assignment deadline and be allowed to complain incessantly about my Profs and the papers and the readings and how intriguing the Libertarian Communications model is.

About me: I'm 22, female, I'm in Uni getting my BA in Communications (with a specialisation in Interactive Media), I work part-time at a tech-company that sells thing to people so they can sell more things to other people, I have 2 cats and a dog. Oh and a boyfriend of 3 years and some odd months.
I used to work as a photographer (for a newspaper! I was published!) but that.. didn't really pay any bills. I'm Israeli, but spent a part of my childhood in the US making me a native speaker.

I love people, internet people even more since there's none of that pesky real world anxiety going on.

I'm fairly unsure as to how such things work, do I just write in here? What? I'll attempt. Bear with me. Or don't. It's a free internet world.


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